No worries. This offer comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

WILD WEALTH: What is it and who's it for?

The Wild Wealth Programme is for you if you:

   -  are fed up trying so hard to get people to buy your services and only a few do :(

   -  aware that you aren't living up to your full potential

   -  have got some of the right marketing pieces in place, but things still aren't flowing properly yet

   -  you know you need to be seen more, but you feel ambivalent about it

   -  you know you are talented but are finding it hard to verbalise your gift so others get it

It's a programme of 6 x 1 hour calls, weekly, beginning: 
Tuesday 30th September at 7.30pm UK time/11.30am PST/2.30pm EST
There will be some homework to do between calls too - short, focused amounts :)

What people have said about me:

"Because I am now working with total integrity, clients are coming by personal recommendation and I'm booked up 3 months ahead!  Jane's positive support and depth of experience have been essential to me in achieving this level of commitment to my self and my business" 

Kate Friendship

Founder, Vibrational Medicine Healer and Therapist

"Just being around you and your presence, energy and enthusiastic support - and belief I can do it - have helped me totally transform, get my act together and start DOING it!"

Stacie Whitney

Founder and coach,

Here's Exactly What You'll Get in 
The Wild Wealth Programme 

  • Week 1:   W - isdom:   True to form, Wild Wisdom turns things upside down and in week one we investigate what your real Home is, and what to do to operate your business more from tha place. That means applying Wisdom!  Learn how to tell the difference between your intuition and fear, and use this information to help you in your decision making and your business choices. 
  • Week 2:   E - nergy:  How your energy influences everything; the difference between clean and murky energy, and how to shift it.  The energetic difference between motivated and inspired action. 
  • Week 3:   A - wareness (and Attitude, Attention and Awakening): What to do to get unstuck from your story, move forward and create the conditions for wealth to arrive more easily
  • Week 4:   L - ove:  Forget about personal love - this week is about the big Love that we all know is there but we don't access, integrate or even begin to allow in - and how it affects your work
  • Week 5:   T - rust (and Truth) Explore why trust is a real biggie, how truth is it's bed partner, and the specifics of how to trust more in your life and business
  • Week 6:  H - ome:  Application of all the above bring you 'Home'.  This is where your REAL gift hangs out; discover how to work from your Wild Wealth Point; how it translates in your particular work;  and what to do to really shine in the world
  • Private Facebook Group - so you can receive and give support with others on the programme.  I will also be visiting daily, and interacting with you
  • You'll also end up feeling much more confident about who you are, what you do, why you do it,  and how to 'be' so that 'doing' happens 100% more easily, yay!
  • Because this is a pilot programme, you'll be asked for feedback after each class - helping you to identify exactly what you have got out of that session
  • AND FINALLY!  each week we will be concentrating on how that particular aspect of W.E.A.L.T.H. translates into your business and life, and what specific actions to take to enhance this, so your REAL gift really begins to shine and glow by the end of the six weeks!

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. The Wild Wealth Programme Comes With A

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

This is here simply to help your mind feel safe. If you don't like the programme for any reason, just contact me and you can have your money back, no quibbles.

PLUS - check in now with your own Wild Wisdom - what's it saying?  If you don't know, maybe that's a very good reason for saying yes so you can discover more about how to identify your Wild Wisdom! Or take advantage of a conversation with me to help you get clear. 

If you have any questions, need more clarity, or just feel unsure about something, please email me direct here and I am happy to arrange a private conversation with you.

Thanks, and with love, 

Jane Duncan Rogers