Gifted By Grief:
A True Story of Cancer, Loss and Rebirth
by Jane Duncan Rogers,

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"In December 2011, when Philip died, I would never have imagined there could have been any gifts as a result.  But so it has been. The book contains illuminating excerpts from Philip's blog; my journals at the time; and uplifting and inspiring insights into life, love, death and grief as we, and then just I, discovered what those gifts were." 

In the book you'll read about: 
how I found the gifts awaiting me, even when I was feeling awful; what might inspire you to find your own gifts in your situation; and also about the possibilities of awakening to a whole new dimension of experience

"Gifted by Grief is, by turns, a raw memoir and uplifting companion that can be leaned on during one of the most challenging transitions we all face in life. Jane shares her journey through grief and out the other side with heart-rending honesty and humorous insights that will have you crying one minute, laughing out loud the next." 
Andrea Gardner, author of Change Your Words, Change Your World. 

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